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An Unexpected Career in Wine

Originally a musician by trade (working as a session guitarist/vocalist, music producer and composer), I accidentally became a wine writer after I created an Instagram Blog in 2018, under the same name, that gained traction with winelovers and winemakers in Australia.

Slightly perplexed that anyone was reading my posts, I kept going and things organically picked up in momentum and legitimacy and before too long many top end Aussie wineries started sending in samples for feedback.

Within the first year of its life, Wine Worth Writing About grew to become a business that I have fallen head over heals with and although I have chosen to steer clear of the well trodden path of commercial wine writing, I have been lucky enough to set myself up writing about wines I truly enjoy, not that I have to enjoy...if that makes sense.

In mid 2021, I launched Australia's most awesome Direct Marketplace for independent boutique wineries to sell their wines straight from the cellar door to consumers across Australia, with the sole purpose to provide a platform for our amazing producers to sell wines their way and earn what they truly deserve, of which I'm super proud. It's called iHeartWine and you should totally check it out and download the app!

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