Hey There iheartWineLover

You did say you wanted to know more, so let’s start at ground zero and work our way up…there’s a lot to cover!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Marc Malouf and I’m the founder of iHeartWine.


My love of wine started around 2018 when I decided to pick up a pen and start writing about different wines I was enjoying. I started an instagram page called Wine Worth Writing About and that page led to a full-time career as a professional wine writer and now the founder of an app that is already changing the way wine is sold in this country, for the better!


I’m sure you’re all aware that 90% of each sale on iHeartWine goes straight back to the winery, but you may not be aware that every other retailer in Australia only gives the winery an average of 40% (or lower) per sale.


How and why does this exist? Well, wineries have sadly been pushed, over decades, to sell their wines at very low wholesale prices, in bulk, to large commercial liquor chains and distributors who stronghold and dictate the wine market in Australia.


The wine is often bought below wholesale, in large quantities, then marked up by 300-500% (on average) and on sold to you. This massive profit margin allows these big businesses to continue to squeeze lower prices out of wineries and force them to either accept it to pay their bills of vintage, or reject it and be faced with selling their wines themselves and accumulating more debt to do so. Most wineries accept the lowball offers just to stay out of bankruptcy.


Because of this, a huge majority of Australian wineries are barely breaking even and those who are focused on making wines of quality over quantity tend to be ignored and remain somewhat invisible to the wine buying public, often scouted by sommeliers, wine aficionados and wine writers like me and iHeartWine!


iHeartWine was born to fix this broken system that has been ruining the wine industry for so long, to help wineries earn what they deserve, but also show true winelovers the best wines out there that are overlooked because they’ve kept their independence.


So far we have 52 amazing wineries on board selling over 400 different wines, at price points as low as $15/btl and as high as $275/btl, representing 29 wine regions across Australia. But, this is only the beginning and things are growing by the day!


Now we have officially e-met and i’ve covered the basis of iHeartWine, we’re all within the inner circle, so if you need anything, whether it’s advice, help or even want someone to chat to, feel free to send me a direct email at marc@iheartwine.com.au and I’ll be happy to help you out in any way I can. 


The next time you are thinking about buying a wine, please take a moment to consider who you are buying it from. When you spend $30 at a big commercial retailer, those dollars go straight into the machine that is the business, but if you choose to buy direct, $27 goes straight back to the winery and the local communities and families near that winery. It’s a ripple effect and we can enrich the lives of many by choosing to do what’s right.






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