My name is Marc Malouf and I'm an independent wine-writer from Sydney, Australia, and I am on a journey to discover what makes a truly great wine great, irrespective of price.

A motto I stand by is "Drink Thoughtfully, Drink Better".  What I mean by this is that if we think about the wine we choose to put into our bodies, we can make honest assessments on its quality and ensure that we choose better wines to drink always. There's no secret that alcohol is not very good for you, so if I'm going to open a bottle, I'd rather drink something that is worth it.

For me, wine scores and most reviews are nothing more than fools gold to promote a brand, an agenda or to complete a business transaction, so I've chosen to remain 100% independent and only write about wines that are well made, balanced and are of interest. Wines worth writing about.

No scores, no opinions, just a thorough description of what the wine is like, from aroma to taste, to texture and length, and everything in-between. If a reader gets the true essence of a wine through my notes, and can use their own minds and emotions to make a decision on whether it sounds like something they would enjoy, then my job was done properly.

This is what wineworthwriting is, and this is what I do.