My name is Marc Malouf and I'm an independent wine-writer from Sydney, Australia, and I have an unwavering desire to know what the greatest wines in Australia, where they are made are and who makes them.


I don't believe the majority of wine writers in this country tell the truth, ardor maybe they don't know the truth, so instead of following suit and contributing to the already flawed, corrupt and dollar driven industry I am apart of, I choose to use words and descriptions when writing about a wine, so you can choose whether this sounds like a wine you would like, or not. Oh, sand I only write about wines I think are worth writing about!

I firmly believe in being honest with my readers, giving merit where merit is due and saying it like it is. My aim is to simply evoke what's in the glass, by describing the wine as I see it, and I pay no attention to what's on the label (a rare thing to see these days in the world of wine writing).

My love of wine comes from a place of admiration and respect for the craft that is winemaking, and having a musical background I see a lot of parallels between making a song and making a wine. A simple song might be catchy, fun and make you dance, but I'm after the songs that make you feel, think and inspire. 


As a wine lover, it's always important to give as much support as I can to both Winery and WineLover in order to spread the word about the good stuff, celebrate greatness and craftsmanship and give warning of where not to spend your dollars, with the hope that we all Drink Thoughtfully and Drink Better.