My name is Marc Malouf and I'm an independent wine-writer from Sydney, Australia, who is obsessed with uncovering the best wines out there, irrespective of price.

I started writing about wine in early 2018 via an instagram page called @wineworthwritingabout that soon grew to generate an unexpected career in the wine industry. Without overthinking the situation, I ran with the opportunities presented and haven't looked back. Now I write professionally for wineries, winemakers, retailers and also own my own online store iHeartWine that sells and celebrates the best wines directly from Australia's leading independent wineries that deserve all the attention we can give.

A motto I preach is "Drink Thoughtfully, Drink Better".  What I mean by this is that I truly believe thinking about what you drink results in better drinking...and better decisions when it come to buying wine!


Scores and most reviews are simple business transactions and honesty has very little purpose if a reviewer is worried about hurting relationships or jeopardising a financial agreement or partnership, so I have remained entirely independent and always will.


I do not use scores to dictate how good a wine is or isn't. I write purely about the wine itself, in as much detail as I can so the reader can almost taste it themselves. If a reader can use their own minds, their own thoughts and their own emotions to make a decision on whether the wine in review sounds like something they would like to try, then my job was done properly.

This is what wineworthwriting is, and this is what I do.